Kilns 101


The hardware of your kiln includes your lid prop, lid lifter, handles, section buckles…basically anything that is attached to the outside of your kiln.

Keeping all of these components maintained properly is important to extending the life of your kiln and your safety.

Inspect Screws and Bolts

When things heat up they expand and when they cool down the contract. All this movement coupled with the strain of normal everyday use can cause things to loosen over time. It is a good idea to periodically inspect the screws holding all the components to the kiln and make sure they are still tight.

Look For Any Signs of Corrosion

Most kiln companies use stainless steel components that resist corrosion, but they are not impervious to it. Kilns that are located near the coast can be particularly vulnerable to corrosion due to the salt in the air. If you live near the coast it is particularly important to locate your kiln indoors where salty moist air will not condense onto the metal parts.

Tighten your Bands

The stainless bands that surround the majority of kiln models will loosen over time. A loose lid band can slip. This can be particularly unsafe when it is your lid band which holds a heavy brick lid over your head while you are loading your kiln. Follow your manufacturers instructions since procedures vary between manufacturers.

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