Clay and Glaze 101

Applying Glazes

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Brushing is the most popular way to apply glazes for hobbyists. There many different brush styles and brushing techniques that can interesting patterns and texture to your ceramic piece. 


Spraying is a more advanced technique that involves a little more investment in equipment. Spraying allows you to lightly layer glazes for interesting effects. 


Dipping is usually used in conjunction with clear over glazes but can also be used with other glazes as well. It obviously involves a lot of glaze since the pieces need to be submerged. 


Pouring is a technique normally used to glaze the inside of vessels. It can also be used to for interesting patterns on the outside of pieces.

Slip Trailing

Slip Trailing is a technique that involves placing colored slip (liquified clay) in a slip trailing bottle with a special tip that allows you to draw textured patterns on your piece.