Beginning Stained Glass

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Beginning Stained Glass Class
We have beginning stained glass classes scheduled regularly. They run for three months on and one month off. We have a Wednesday day class or a Wednesday evening class. You can start any time. If your eight weeks coincides with our month break, then you get to take a break too!

Wednesdays 11am – 2pm
Wednesdays 6pm -9:00pm New Hours!

Class Fee is $175. Students should expect to spend about $175-$200 for tools and supplies. This will get you a basic set of hand tools and supplies to complete at least two projects. While in class, students can use our soldering irons and grinders. Some other tools are available for use during shop hours.

At Glass Expressions we offer an eight week course for beginners who have no experience. Or as a review for those students that need pointers and want to learn more.

Classes start weekly on any Wednesday daytime or Wednesday evening. You may continue the eight weeks consecutively or as your schedule allows. In these classes we have beginning students, intermediate students and advanced students all working together which make the classes not only interesting but also very stimulating.

Students must have their own hand tools and supplies which can be purchased at class time. All students receive a 10% discount. Work tables and some of the studio tools (e.g. grinders & soldering irons) can be used during the class and at any time during the week. Students are encouraged to spend as much time in the shop as they can to learn as much as possible about making windows. Students will learn two methods for making windows.

The first project covers the traditional leading technique which uses lead strips to separate the pieces of glass. The second project is copper foil. In this technique the glass is cut and ground, then wrapped with a sticky back copper foil tape. The pieces are then soldered to hold them together. You are encouraged to make at least two windows but can produce as many as time will allow. (Some students have been known to do up to 10 or more in the course!!!)

Come in and see the beautiful things that you can make yourself! We have a full line of tools and supplies. We also have finished projects which you can look at or purchase. We also do custom stained glass for your home, repairs, glass beadmaking and fusing.


Date(s) - 01/14/2015
11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Kathy Johnson




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